Middle School

My 5th grader just told me about a petting zoo?

Each winter, band members go to Ralya and Murphy so all 5th graders have a chance to see different band instruments and learn about the band program in Haslett.

How is that different from the fitting?

On a different day shortly after the petting zoo, students interested in taking band meet with the band directors and professionals from Herter Music. If students are interested in a specific instrument, they can ask to try it. Band directors can also recommend instruments based on assessments of how students interact with instruments.

What if my student doesn't like the instrument?

Talk to the band director for 6th grade if your child is struggling with the instrument or really doesn’t like playing it. The director can help find an alternative.

My student missed the fitting - what should we do?

Never fear. If your students know they want to do band, mark that on the scheduling registration form and turn that in. There will be a parent meeting where students can talk to the director or Herder rep. to choose an instrument.

How does my student sign up for 6th grade band?

Complete the registration or scheduling form to sign up for band in 6th grade. Band is an exploratory class. Sixth graders enrolled in band take it for the full academic year.

Does my 6th grader get to try any other exploratories?

Yes. Middle school students have 2 exploratory hours so if a student is in band for the year, they have one other class period for rotating exploratories.

My child was fitted for a tuba. How does that work on a school bus?

Students who play the baritone and tuba do not transport their instruments. Instead, students bring their mouth piece to school to play during the band hour on an instrument kept at the school. The practice at home instrument stays at home.

How do I get the instrument?

Band directors provide the information on the different rental and purchase options. Additionally, during the 6th grade open house, there is a band meeting where families can complete paperwork and talk to the instrument sales representatives.

Should my child take lessons?

Students are encouraged to take lessons but this is not required. Lessons help teach good technique and practice habits. Lessons are also a good option for students who may need more of a challenge than the classwork. The Band Boosters provides reimbursement for lessons. Please see this link.

Does my child need to read music before starting band?

Reading music is part of the 6th grade band curriculum. If they haven’t learned before to 6th grade band, they will learn.

Can my child play 2 instruments in band?

This is determined on a case by case basis and may involve lessons outside of class.

What is the Fall Festival of Bands?

The first concert where all bands, including the marching band, perform in the high school gym. Middle school students leave their instrument cases in the car or at home because there is no space for them at the Festival. This is a chance for the middle school students to see the marching band perform and what they are working towards.

Is there a uniform?

6th graders should wear nice shirts and slacks (no jeans) to perform. The 7th and 8th graders receive a tuxedo shirt, bow tie and studs to wear when performing. These are provided by the band program. Students need to wear their own black pants and shoes.

When else do students perform?

Check the band Google calendar for all band activities. Make sure you check in with your student about call times as the performance date approaches.

My 7th grader doesn't practice as much as they did in 6th grade. Is that typical?

Sixth graders should practice every day. After that first year, practice logs are not required but students should have a regular practice routine at home.

What is S&E?

Please see the Solo & Ensemble page.

How often should we clean the instrument?

Brass instruments need more service than woodwinds. If something looks weird, make sure your child talks to a band director. It’s a good idea to clean the brass instrument over winter break and at the end of the school year. Because many people in the Greater Lansing area take their instruments to Meridian Winds or Marshall Music, it is best to get the instrument in the repair shop as soon as winter break begins so that it’s done before school resumes.

What does 8th grade invitational mean?

The 8th grade invitational is a chance for 8th grade students to learn about marching band.  They perform during half-time at one of the regular season football games with the Viking marching band. Dinner will be provided. Students will receive more information as the time approaches.

High School

My child only wants to be in marching band, is that an option?

No. All students participate in marching and concert bands for the academic year.

Can I apply for a band camp scholarship for the Haslett Marching Band camp?

Scholarships for band camp are for not for the Haslett Varsity Marching Band camp. Band camp scholarships are for enrichment programs offered by different organizations such as, but not limited to: the MSU Community Music School, Herter, Blue Lake and Interlochen. If a student needs financial assistance for Haslett Varsity Marching Band camp, please complete a form available at this link. Requests for financial aid are confidential.

How do I register for Haslett Varsity Marching Band (HVMB) camp?

Online registration is available prior to fittings for marching band uniforms in May. However, all students must attend one of the registration options for uniform fitting. Fees for camp are paid at this time. Students may also order marching shoes for which they will be fitted at band camp. Shoes arrive prior to marching season at school. Students also may order gloves (2 pairs are recommended), band t-shirt and gray shorts worn under the marching uniform. These are paid with a separate check or charge to make bookkeeping easier for the volunteer treasurer.

What's the summer uniform?

For performances prior to Labor Day, students wear the band t-shirt and tan or khaki shorts. Families purchase the shorts on their own and do not have to match what other students have. They do have to meet the school dress code guidelines. Students also wear ankle or no-show white socks and tennis shoes or marching shoes. In instances when the weather is horribly hot after Labor Day, band directors may opt to have students wear the summer uniform for performances.

What should my child take to HVMB camp?

  • Lunch – make sure the Friday lunch is substantial because students may not get to eat dinner until after they perform which could be around 7 pm.
  • Water bottle – they will get one at band camp but it’s wise to have a second one. Band camp bottles are kept by sections in crates and come out for breaks. Students may keep a second bottle with them at all times. Some students may need a water bladder for extra hydration.
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes – optional but handy in case it rains
  • Chapstick – optional but helpful – especially for brass instrument players
  • Lyre – if needed for instrument – check with band directors
  • Flip book
  • Shorts
  • Good walking shoes
  • Shirts for themed days – announced closer to band camp
  • If chafing is an issue, wearing bike shorts or Runners Glide may help

Students should eat a good breakfast. Complex carb foods and proteins are good.

Don't the students get hot and thirsty?

Yes, so make sure your child understands the importance of staying hydrated. Student water bottles may be filled with water or Gatorade. If your child prefers only water, have the child inform the volunteers so their bottles gets marked accordingly. Drinking water helps prevent muscle aches, cramps, stomach pains, and headaches.

What about snacks?

There are usually breaks with snacks provided by the Band Boosters. You may also send snacks with your child.

My child is exhausted - when can they rest?

Band camp is exhausting for everyone. If your student needs a rest, the family picnic and student activity night on Wednesday and Thursday evening activities are optional.

What are sectionals?

Each group of instruments is a section and all have at least one section leader. The leader organizes times for group practice and team building. Section leaders are supposed to provide at least 1 week notice of each sectional. Your student should inform the section leader if they cannot attend. Section leaders also distribute music and assign parts.

What is step-off?

When the band starts marching to the football stadium.

I want to take a photo of my students while they march but why won't they smile or look at me?

For the safety of everyone, marching band students must concentrate and focus on the band. While marching, students are not supposed to smile nor look for their family and friends. If you want a posed photo, you may do that in the stands of the stadium when students are not performing. Around third-quarter snack time is a good time for a posed photo.

Are mini camps the same as evening rehearsals?

Minicamp is rehearsal in the evenings for a few days before the first home football game. After the first game, there is typically one evening rehearsal a week.

What is the Grand Ledge Invitational?

This is an event hosted by Grand Ledge High School for bands around the area. General admission tickets is under $10. Parents who chaperone on the school buses get in free. It’s an opportunity to see lots of great marching band performances including the MSU Marching Band.

Does the band perform when it rains?

Yes. Band members wear rain coats.

What is Concert Band?

See this link about concert band.

What parts of the uniform do I need to purchase?

For marching band, students purchase shoes, grey shorts, white calf-high socks, gloves. Used items will be available for purchase at a discounted rate at marching band registration in May. Or contact the Marching Band Uniform Coordinator, Carrie Johnson or Patti McManus.

Students have a different uniform for concert band. Girls are provided dresses and should wear their own black shoes. Boys are provided with a tuxedo and should have their own tuxedo shirt, bow tie, and black shoes.  Shirts and bow ties may be ordered through the school.

I would like to volunteer but don't know how to apply.

Complete the background check form available at the school administration building and provide your drivers license or state id.

What is the typical Friday game schedule?


  • 4:00 Call time for students to rehearse
  • 5:00 dinner
  • 5:30 dress in uniforms
  • 6:35 step off from school by band door and march to stadium

Typical Homecoming
6th hour on practice field

  • 1:30 HMS pep assembly
  • 1:52 HHS pep assembly
  • 3:00 dinner
  • 3:30 uniform
  • 4:25 load buses to Wilkshire
  • 4:30 depart for Wilkshire
  • 5:30 parade
  • 6:00 alumni rehearsal
  • 6:25 step off
  • 6:35 pre-game show and tunnel
  • 6:55 Star Spangled Banner

What is the marching band schedule for this year?

See this link
Also see the back of your student’s band camp t-shirt

I don't remember if we purchased family tickets to the Lugnuts game, how do I find out?

Contact the Band Camp Director.

Is there a list or calendar of all the fundraising opportunities with web links?

Please see this page about fundraising.

I would love a band shirt for myself, who do I contact to purchase?

Families may order shirts using this Family Band Shirt Order Form. Payments can be made on the Donate page.

How can I help:

Check the volunteer page and sign up sheets will be posted for the following and other related activities:

Marching Band
HBB Holidays in Haslett Craft show 

Concert Band

Where can I download the forms for band camp?

Forms will be posted in the spring for the 2020 band camp.

Can I pay for band camp online?

Yes, but at marching band camp registration and uniform fitting.

I registered my child for band camp but forgot if I ordered gloves or shoes. Is there a way for me to review my registration?

You should have a received a confirmation email after registering. If not, please check with the band camp director.

Who do I contact to purchase prints of my child's band photos?

Your child will receive a form at band camp. Purchasing photos is not required but all students are photographed for the band composite.

We want to attend the family picnic during band camp, what are we supposed to bring?

The picnic information flyer will be posted closer to the time of band camp.

The Band Boosters provides hot dogs and buns. Families are asked to bring sides and desserts.

We are looking for a private teacher for our child, where can we find a list of instructors by instrument?

See this link.
Also, you may contact MSU’s College of Music
Christine Beamer
Music Practice Building
345 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517-432-7371
Email: beamerch@msu.edu

My child's marching shoes were destroyed in the rain, how do I replace them?

When does marching band shoe fitting take place?

During band camp. Shoes arrive in time for marching band season.