Solo & Ensemble

Solo & Ensemble Festival (S&E)

Solo & Ensemble Festival is an opportunity for individual students and student groups from member schools to perform a selection of their choice for a judge / adjudicator. These may be individual performances or students may perform in a group. Students may participate in more than one event.
See the MSBOA for more

For student performances needing an accompanist, HBB underwrites half to two-thirds of the cost.

High School Solo & Ensemble

Haslett High School hosts the district solo & ensemble festival for students from around the area. District-level festivals are held in late January through mid-February. Students who earn a first division ranking at a district-level festival are eligible to enroll for the State Solo and Ensemble. Those individual and groups performing at the highest level at the State level are invited to Michigan Youth Arts Festival

HHS band members who register for S&E commit to play at both the festival and the pre-workshop festival. Students must complete a separate registration form for each event. Ensembles should have only 1 form per ensemble event and the leader of the ensemble is responsible for collecting the ensemble money. This activity takes place via the band classroom.

Hosting the festival allows our students to participate in this enrichment opportunity while avoiding a long day of travel. It also makes it more convenient for family members to attend student performances. Parent volunteers enable Haslett to successfully host this event.

Parent and student volunteers for the festival make this all possible. Volunteer sign-up sheets are circulated a few weeks prior to the event.  Middle and high school students sign up in their band class.

Middle School Solo & Ensemble

Seventh and eighth grade band students may participate in the middle school solo & ensemble festival in Jonesville, MI in the spring of each year. Students who earn a first or second division ranking receive a medal. Prior to the festival, students meet work with the directors and clinicians to prepare. They also sign up for times to practice with the accompanist.

Band students travel by school bus with the directors to Jonesville. Family members are welcome to travel separately to watch their students perform. It is also customary for students to watch their fellow band friend perform. Students may leave when they are done with their family if they have provided a written note to the band directors in advance.