Haslett Bands

Viking Marching Band

Every high school band student is a member of The Viking Marching Band (VMB) which also includes the color guard. The VMB performs at all home football games, as well as the homecoming parade and competitions or invitationals each year. At football games, the VMB performs a pre-game show and a half-time performance in addition to various cheers.  The VMB performs one show that is continually refined throughout the season. Practices begin in June for some sections. All band members participate in summer marching band camp in late July or early August.  Rehearsals continue during class and sometimes in the evening until the end of October.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an extracurricular school activity. There are usually about 15 to 20
students that choose to participate with practices after school beginning in January and lasting about 5 to 6 weeks. Students learn about 6 to 8 jazz pieces and enjoy the music variety from the normal concert repertoire. Near the end of February, the Jazz Band performs at the Annual Jazz Night at Haslett High School.

Halloween Band

Each year, all members of the Viking Marching Band plan and coordinate costumes to wear while performing for Halloween. During the school day on Halloween, or designated day, the Halloween Band travels to a local assisted living facility as well as to the elementary and middle schools to perform.

Musical Pit Band

Musical Pit Band is an extra-curricular activity. Members make up the orchestra that accompanies the yearly high school musical performed by Haslett High School students. Pit Band is a small group consisting of 20-30 musicians that perform in the “pit” area beneath the performing arts stage. Members of Pit Band are required to be familiar with and able to play in multiple keys, styles, tempos and play a range of different styles of music.

Concert Bands

All members of the Viking Marching Band are members of the Haslett Concert Band. In late fall, high school band students audition to be placed into either Symphonic Band or the more advanced Wind Ensemble.

Middle School Bands

The Haslett Middle School provides 6th, 7th and 8th graders a full-year band

In 6th grade, students are split into two classes: brass and percussion or woodwind. These classes combine for their three concerts during the school year.  Students learn their chromatic scales, music vocabulary, rhythmic basics, care and assembly procedure for their instruments and how to effectively practice. Their first-year band experience culminates with a solo unit.

In 7th grade band, students have a full-ensemble experience while having the
opportunity to participate in the Solo and Ensemble Festival as well as a middle school jazz band to enhance their playing experience.  Students are pre-tested on their major scale, have their rhythmic skills expanded, participate in a tuning unit and learn musical pieces to expand their range and skills.

In 8th grade band students have a full-ensemble experience while expanding upon the skill developed in 7th grade band. They participate in the Viking Marching Band Invitational and perform at half-time during one of the varsity football games. In January, they participate in a mentoring concert with members of the high school Winds Ensemble.  Eighth graders also have the opportunity to participate in the Solo and Ensemble Festival as well as middle school jazz band to enhance their playing experience.  Students will also pre-test their major, minor and chromatic scales.

Alumni Bands

The Haslett Marching Band welcomes all alumni to be part of Alumni Band that performs at each year’s homecoming game halftime show. Instruments are provided for those who cannot locate their high school instrument!


Also – tell us your story!
As someone who has benefited from the Haslett Band program, we would like to hear about your experience. News from alumni inform and inspire current and future Haslett band students. Stories about the impact the band program had for Haslett students also informs the community and school board members when making important budget decisions.


Please email us at haslettbandboosters@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Year of graduation
  • Instrument(s)
  • What did your band experience mean for you?
  • Why is band important and valuable?
  • How has band helped you after high school and with what you’re doing now
  • Any favorite memories?


Consider giving back to help support current and future Haslett Viking band students. Remember how the time, talent and treasure of others enriched your band experience. Please visit the Donate page of this website for opportunities.