Support Haslett Band Students!

Music is transformative.

The power of music lifts our spirits – something we need as the pandemic continues to keep life unpredictable.

Please donate to support Haslett Band students, as many of our traditional fundraisers have been cancelled because of public health and safety concerns.

While the band experience looks different during the pandemic, now, more than ever, music matters for our students and for us.

Music education and band foster brain and life-skill development. Alumni Graham Diedrich wrote,

“Band takes a lot of time, so it forces you to manage your time productively. Band also necessitates communication skills to work with the instructors and other people in your section.”

Band & music classes also cultivate emotional development. Studies show that youth participating in learning music helps build self-confidence and social connections, including empathy. As Graham said,

All of my favorite memories from high school have something to do with band. I think it really created a sense of community, which is important for a lot of kids. When I think about the thing I miss most after graduating, it’s definitely band. It was the best group I’ve ever been a part of, and I’d do it again!” 

How you can help:

  • Your investment in Haslett Band students allows music to keep us together while we have to be apart.
  • Checks made out to Haslett Band Boosters may be mailed in the enclosed envelope to:

Haslett Band Boosters
PO Box 4
Haslett MI 48840

  • Please share this request by email, text, social media with family, friends, employers (especially those with a matching gift program) and others who by lifting up music, lift us all.

Thank you so much and take care. Together, we are Viking Strong.



Joy Whitten, HBB President

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